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News stories from the book world in May 2008

May 2008

Amazon goes for broke (again)

26 May 2008

Amazon has dominated the headlines in the book trade press over the last few months, as it has taken a more aggressive approach to its plans for growth. Back in 1997 Jeff Bezos said he wanted the internet retailer to be one of only 'two or three leading players' Actually it's done much better than that.  Read more

A celebration of new words

19 May 2008

Susie Dent is the author of Oxford University Press's Words of the Year, which will come out in September. In Publishing News she writes about the process of capturing new slang as it enters our vocabulary, and deciding which words will go in the new edition of the book.  Read more

The end of the line for print encyclopedias?

12 May 2008

Are print encyclopedias dead? It rather looks as if they might be. The mighty German encyclopedia Brockhaus is about to put all its content online.  Read more

Is this 'wholesale theft'?

5 May 2008

J K Rowling's argument against the publisher which is intending to publish a Harry Potter Lexicon written by Vander Ark seems a clear one.  Read more