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News stories from the book world in February 2008

February 2008

Amazon grabs Audible

25 February 2008

The recent news of the $300m (£153m) Amazon purchase of Audible, the digital audiobooks site, has made it the market leader. At a stroke this gives the Internet retailer a ready-made subscriber base and access to 80,000 spoken word titles which it can sell through all its channels, including its new Kindle e-book reader.  Read more

The e-book arrives - or does it?

18 February 2008

This week has seen two big publishers announcing initiatives to prepare for the e-book world. At the same time, battle has been joined on e-book royalties.  Read more

Striking writers win

11 February 2008

In News Review of 5 November we noted the beginning of the Writers' Guild strike in the US. Since then there have been occasional stories in the media about tv companies being forced to put out a diet of reruns and American audiences deserting their tv screens.  Read more

Boom time for creative writing

4 February 2008

This weekend has seen the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference in New York City. It's a sold-out event with 7,000 attendees. The Association was founded in 1967 with 13 members, at a time when creative writing was in its infancy, to support the growing presence of literary writers in literary education in the US.  Read more