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News stories from the book world in March 2007

March 2007

Online marketing harnesses word of mouth

26 March 2007

Word of mouth is the most powerful way to sell books. This old adage of the publishing world has been given new impetus by the vast opportunities presented by the web. Now you can reach a global market from the computer in your living-room.  Read more

'The gateway to publishing'

19 March 2007

International book fairs are becoming big business. With two of the most important annual events of the first half of the year, the London Book Fair and the Bologna Book Fair, coming up next month, and the American Book Expo in June, new moves are afoot in the Middle East.  Read more

Authors' earnings plummet

12 March 2007

At a debate on copyright organised by the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society in London last week, Maureen Duffy criticised publishers for hacking away at author earnings. New research shows that the average income for a professional writer is now a third lower than the national average wage in the UK.  Read more

'One startling lurch'

5 March 2007

Stef Penney's surprise win at the Costas with The Tenderness of Wolves has changed her life and her publisher's. She triumphed over more obvious winners, William Boyd's Restless and Brian Thompson's Keeping Mum. It was a real surprise for the author, and one which will put the reclusive Penney under the spotlight in a way she would never have wished.  Read more