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News stories from the book world in June 2006

June 2006

‘Multiplatform’ marketing, digital rights and print on demand

26 June 2006

'Multiplatform' marketing possibilities and digitisation are changing the way books are sold and exploited. At the recent Licensing 2006 international show in New York the talk was all of the 'multiplatform' possibilities that a property might possess. In the film world the right property, particularly for the children's market, may have infinite possibilities.  Read more

Good news about book promotions which really work

19 June 2006

There are some innovative ideas around about how to promote books and reading.  Read more

German publishers take Google to court

12 June 2006

The latest news from Germany is that the Borsenverein (the book trade association) is supporting one large German publishing group in taking Google to court. On 28 June the district court of Hamburg will decide whether to impose an injunction preventing Google digitising content from any of the company's books.  Read more

'A land grab in continental Europe'

5 June 2006

A recent heated debate at BookExpo in Washington has highlighted the argument about territorial rights between UK and US publishers. Carolyn Reidy, President and Publisher of Simon and Schuster, accused British publishers of engaging in 'a land grab in continental Europe based on the thinnest of legal and business pretences'.  Read more