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News stories from the book world in March 2004

March 2004

Reference in the Internet age

29 March 2004

There's been a sea change in the way that reference material is accessed. These days children are more at home finding information online than using books and everyone benefits from the speed and ease of access the Internet offers. This has brought about profound changes in the way reference publishers work and made it difficult to find a steady market for home reference.   Read more

The London Book Fair comes of age

22 March 2004

Starting off as a fair for small publishers, it has gradually grown into the international fair we have today. Now it's so successful on a global scale that it's been able to drop the word 'international' from its name and become known simply as the 'London Book Fair'.  Read more

'The real losers would be authors'

15 March 2004

The issue of removing prices from books has suddenly forced its way into the book trade headlines in the UK, amid fears that a move may suddenly be made in this direction because it suits big players such as the supermarkets and book chains.   Read more

Authors break through

8 March 2004

Two recent instances of authors breaking through against the odds show that, even though it's hard at the moment, it can still happen.   Read more

World Book Days

1 March 2004

World Book Day in the UK runs this Thursday, 4th March. Backed by 33 publishers and a large number of other bodies, this year it will also have a large online festival.   Read more