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News stories from the book world in January 2004

January 2004

'A better way to shop'

26 January 2004

It is difficult to give a full account of Christmas sales, with major players such as Amazon still to release their figures. The trend towards online sales increased, with web shoppers apparently feeling more confident about Internet suppliers being able to deliver in time for Christmas.  Read more

'A nice little book'

19 January 2004

Seemingly defying gravity and the usual ebb and flow of the bestseller list, Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots and Leaves has maintained its hold on the number one slot in the UK bestseller lists in spite of strong challenges from more traditional bestseller list habituees such as John Grisham.  Read more

Another tough year

12 January 2004

Although there’s no guarantee that 2004 will be any better, the book world was on the whole glad to see the back of 2003. In the UK Christmas sales seem to have been quite good for some of the chains, but the New Year was hustled in to the accompaniment of disastrous results and a profit warning from W H Smith.  Read more

Libraries and bestsellers

5 January 2004

A recent report in the Denver Post highlighted the increasing focus on supplying videos rather than books through the US public library system. Ann Cress, associate director of public services at Jefferson County, said: ‘The library is about people. We try to build the collection that our population wants.’   Read more