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Poetry Writers' Yearbook 2008 competition winner


Poetry Writers' Yearbook has just announced the winner of their 2008 Competition.  Congratulations to Angela Gloker of North Yorkshire, UK. Her poem, Did You Dream of Me Last Night?, was chosen by the judge, Poetry Writers’ Yearbook editor Hilary Lissenden, who said:

‘From the 360-or-so entries for the poetry competition on the theme of ‘Desire’ there was an astonishing variety of interpretations. As well as the common desires for love, happiness and world peace, desire was also expressed for chocolate, coffee, shoes, gloves, a baby, the arrival of a bus, acceptance of death and acceptance of an affair ended.

‘Angela Gloker’s poem, 'Did You Dream of Me Last Night?', had a good facility with rhyme, without being a slave to it, and remains flexible, with an elegant simplicity.’

Did you Dream of Me Last Night?

Did you dream of me last night, whilst the stars lay softly sleeping?
Meandering down the path, on your homeward journey bound;
Making silent footsteps in the break of lowering darkness,
Wondering where lovers met and what happiness they found?
Did you dream of me last night, in your solitary confinement?
Turning, tossing, and tangling amongst damp sheets;
Every moment filled with wonder, innocent, vague questioning,
Where was the joy that your yearning heart seeks?
Did you dream of me last night, as your memory ran silent movies?
Remembering closeness of soul, with flesh of desire;
Haunting melodies playing softly, voices raised in exultation,
Soft clouds caressing naked bodies, tightly entwined.
Did you dream of me last night, as the tears soaked your pillow?
Wishing for a love that on this plane cannot be shared;
Cradling tender, unborn children, fruits of earthly passion,
Coloured scarlet with emotion deep within the hidden mind.

I wonder, did you dream of me last night?

Angela Gloker’s poem is reproduced here with the permission of the author and the publisher, A & C Black.

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