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These additions support rather than extend the main text


  • For works of non-fiction there might be a case for letting the reader know what happened to the characters after the book was finished.


  • For academic titles, history books and many non-fiction works, an index is vital.


  • These are a useful way of including material that does not fit into the main text, but which is relevant to the content.


  • A list of books that have helped you write your book, arranged alphabetically by surname of author.


  • If your readers are likely to have problems with some of the terms you have used,  you can explain these words.  Make sure your glossary is noted in the prelims at the beginning of the book, or your readers may only discover it when they have finished reading the book.


  • List other works by the writer, their organisation or the publisher if you feel it is appropriate.

And finally a blank end page looks tidy. (The WritersServices Self -publishing printer puts a small copy of the barcode on this page)

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