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'Cosy fantasy' - a new genre

11 September 2023

‘With the rise of a new genre, we've seen a lot of readers determined to label what qualifies as 'cosy fantasy'. Meanwhile, I'm out there writing dragon attacks that almost kill my main character, so... I really don't have a definition. This genre seems to be all about the vibes, and that's different for everyone. My goal when I write cosy is to focus on plots that wouldn't be 'exciting enough' if I were to write them in earnest: a satirical pirate romp, the chaos of a wedding, or just characters opening the shop of their dreams. But I love adding elements that wouldn't be cozy, and seeing if I can blend them. Basically, I think this is reader preference!

After the pandemic, I think most of us are craving low-stakes, low-risk stories. We want to see fantasy characters living out our cottage core dreams, focused around plots that wouldn't be nearly exciting enough for true fantasy. A quiet cup of tea and a sweet love story can remind us to sit calmly and be quiet with our thoughts, which is something I feel is very needed in this chaotic world.'

Rebecca Thorne, author of Can't Spell Treason Without Tea, A Pirate's Life for Tea, This Gilded Abyss and a children's book, The Secrets of Star Whales in Bookbrunch.