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Editing in Isolation

6 April 2020

‘We're still getting submissions from agents around the world - it's clear that agents are working just as hard as ever. And when it comes to acquisitions, we've got a great video meeting in place. It's certainly weird, as an editor, not to be able to champion and enthuse in person (it has made me realise what a powerful thing that can be), but we're all aware that next year's schedules aren't going to fill themselves, and luckily the team at Little, Brown are receptive to being enthused at remotely.

New acquisitions aren't just going to give us a publishing programme for next year, they're also brilliant for morale - I've just won an auction to secure my first acquisition for Little, Brown since joining in February, and there really is no feeling like it, for me or for the wider team. This particular novel, which we'll announce shortly, is an unbelievably assured piece of reading group fiction, and we'll be publishing it as our debut superlead for next year. I know we're all looking for good news now more than ever, and it was a real boost to be able to share with my colleagues the good news that we'd won such a standout novel.'

Darcy Nicholson, editor at Sphere, Little Brown in Bookbrunch (behind paywall)