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'What I love about fantasy is that it is all about the world'

11 May 2015

‘I'm a massive fan of fantasy. I used to read a lot of it and I took different elements of fantasy from different books that I loved, but I took the idea of summoning demons from video games. In video games there is almost always a summoning character that you can play but there are very few books about it. I love that "gamification" side of it: how a particular magic system works and exists, the structure behind the magic, the rules, the boundaries and the ramifications of breaking those rules...

What I love about fantasy is that it is all about the world, and that world can be showcased in so many different ways, be it film, games, books or artwork. That's part of the reason fans feel so passionately about fantasy. There are already 35 fan fictions about the Summoner trilogy on Wattpad, for example.'

Taran Mathan, author of just-published Summoner, Book One: The Novice, which has already attracted more than six million reads on Wattpad, in the Bookseller