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Combining writing with agenting

20 July 2015

‘In many cases, agents are becoming more of a constant than an editor. An editor may move publishing houses and not have the power to carry writers with them. In my experience, some of our writers have been published by several houses but we remain the touchstone professionally and editorially...

Having a separate creative life somehow tempers that. It creates a buffer. It's a happier, healthier balance between work and creativity. I think I'll always be writing something. It's the one place I can go where I can't be reached. I let my writers know when I go away and write and I can fully disappear. But when I finish a week of writing, I'm sick of my own head and desperate to get into the work of someone else.(Going between agenting and writing) is like a series of reunions, you're always happy to be where you are.'

Bill Clegg, author of Did You Ever Have A Family, in the Bookseller