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'Publishing is a fortunate business'

12 June 2006

'The tensions between taste and commerce have perhaps never been more stark than they are at present. Many would argue that the pursuit of the supermarkets by the high street chains has disenfranchised whole groups of readers who may well be happy to buy this month's big commercial read or celebrity cook at a discount but also want - and want brought to their attention - work of a more substantial nature, fiction or non-fiction...

'In many ways, publishing is a fortunate business. Technological advance increases the range of opportunities for publishers without making redundant the age-old activity of reading itself. "Delivery" is the vogue word of the moment, and whether it's downloadable, audio, print-on-demand or a good old-fashioned hardcover, the means by which publishers can get closer to their readers has never been greater. That this returns publishers to their own roots - as booksellers - cannot escape attention for long.'

Peter Robinson of newly set up Robinson Literary Agency

Fiction, general non-fiction, popular culture

Documentaries and TV presenters.

No reading fee. Will suggest revision.

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