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'Within the pressures of daily life'

7 August 2006

'I think that the best books are often written within the pressures of daily life. What is happening is that creative writing courses are promulgating the idea that you have to be a professional writer, but that is not true and it is increasingly hard to be... I can think of endless examples of people who get up early and write before going to work. They are engaged in life and producing better work as a result. Just think of Trollope, it is what he did. And if that is what it can do for your writing, then I don't think you should ever give up the day job.'

Heather Holden Brown, literary agent, in MslexiaStylish and lively site for quarterly UK literary magazine read by 12,000 'committed' women writers. Good range of quality writing, information and advice with news, reviews, competitions and interviews, all presented in a friendly fashion. Praised by Helen Dunmore as 'astute, invigorating and above all an excellent read.'