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'Know thyself'

10 October 2005

'I work office 9 to 5 most days, I do a half day on Saturdays and I have Sunday off... Often I'll write 5,000 or 6,000 words. But then I'll spend the next morning cutting and reworking it.'

'Know thyself... If it interests you it's got a good chance of having some life to it... Most of all I think it's a question of not being selfish. You've got to think of your reader - even if you haven't got one yet. For so many people, the act of writing seems to be enough and I don't think it should be.'

Charlotte Bingham, author of many novels, including Coronet and Lucinda, in Writers' ForumBritish writers' magazine which is highly recommended for all writers. It features wide range of news and articles which help writers to improve their work and get published: