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MS Word

Apply text style

Style – how to get your text layout looking right

All word processors offer you the chance to apply a layout style to sections of the text. When preparing your manuscript for submission or for the printer, this is how you do it. You can ignore the predefined styles and do it all yourself, setting font, size and style for large and small blocks of text. But there is a much better way to do it by using text styles:  Read more

Table of Contents

Making a Table of Contents

It is easy to get a professional-looking table of contents generated for you by your word-processing software. Not only will the table look good but the headings are ‘active’; people reading the document on a computer can click on the TOC and jump to the place in the text.  Read more

Making an index using Word

Word processors provide facilities to create one or more basic indexes. These are designed primarily to create indexes for theses or business documents but with care can produce a workable index for a book.  Read more

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