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English Language Editing service

A polishing service for writers writing in English who are not native English speakers

Have you written your work in English but it is not your native language? Have you translated your work into English? Now you need to make sure it's good enough to publish, or send to a publisher. If you need help to get your work into perfect English, this service is for you.   Read more

Manuscript Polishing service

A polishing service for anyone who wants additional editorial help to prepare their work for publication

Does your manuscript need polishing to get it into shape for submission or self-publishing?  Are you looking for the services of a skilled professional editor to help you get your work ready?

We have just introduced a free assessment and a free sample of your polishing as a standard part of our service.
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Getting Ready

Some guidelines for preparing a manuscript
  Read more

Order check list

If you have never bought anything over the Internet before....

try WritersServices

But before you do, there are a few things you might like to check  Read more

WritersServices Self-publishing

WritersServices Self-publishing delivers your book to readers
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Rewriting service

Our Rewriting service will help you achieve the book you've always dreamed of

Does your manuscript need complete rewriting? Most people are not born writers and you may have plenty to say without being confident that you can deliver it in a readable form, or even in correct English.  Read more

Typing manuscripts

Get your manuscript typed up so that you can revise it, submit it or publish it

We do not need any typists at the moment.

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