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Large print

Page sizes

What's the best page size for your book?

You might think that the bigger the page, the more words you can fit onto it. The bigger the pages, the thinner the book, so the less it costs to produce.

The truth is rather different. An analysis of 50 books covering the various standard book sizes, shows that the size of the page has only a small influence on a book's final page count.  Read more

Visually handicapped

Books for the visually handicapped

Key parameters for books aimed at the visually impaired

  • Tiresias font 16-24 point
  • Format 234x156.
  • Images should be high contrast if half tone but line is better.
  • Anything over 16 point is regarded as large print – 12-14 point text in a bold can be termed 'clear print' if there is a strong contrast with the background.

E-books  Read more

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