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Some sample costs

WritersServices Self-publishing is designed to deliver a quality package to writers
  • Every book is unique, so we do not have standard packages or templates to which you have to conform.
  • Each book is designed, working with you, your target market and the contents in mind.
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Book unit cost

Estimating unit book-cost for your selected format

Estimate the number of pages, then look at the vertical axis and see the approximate cost of the books.  Most paperbacks cost between 2.5 & 4.2 pounds each.

graph of unit book cost against page count  Read more

Submitting files

Putting together your own digital files
  • This page is only for people who want to design their own book or cover. 
  • However, unless you have the necessary equipment, software and the information below makes sense, you are strongly advised to use our experts, who can make sure that the process is trouble-free for you.
  • Nonethless, the ability to produce digital files is increasingly comm
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Self-Publishers' estimator

Estimating what your costs are likely to be

Preparation costs

We have put together four different charts to allow you to estimate the costs of self-publishing with Writers Services Self-publishing:  Read more

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