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Copy Editing

Authors' services and what you should be looking for

4 September 2017

Authors' services for writers have been in the news lately, with an article in Goodreader last week, Driving Down the Price of Publishing, showing how competitive the market has become. But what should writers be looking for when they shop around for copy editing or other editorial services?  Read more

Why self-publishers need editorial help

9 September 2013

This week we have launched our new suite of editorial services to cater for self-publishers. It may seem obvious that this is a sensible thing to do and we certainly hope that there will be good demand, but in its way it marks a remarkable change in the publishing world in the twelve years since WritersServices was set up - and a huge turnaround in just the last three or four years.  Read more

Editors becoming agents

30 January 2012

There's been an interesting discussion this week sparked off by an article in Publishing Perspectives about why an editor who has been working at a senior level in a publishing house would want to become a literary agent in order to spend more time working on authors' manuscripts.  Read more

How good's your spelling?

23 May 2005

Email may in the long run spell the death of formal communication, but in the short term it really tests out your ability to spell. Most of us have experienced the irritation of emails bouncing back because of something misspelled in the address line.  Read more

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