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Readers' sites

Read at work


If you've ever wanted to read at work whilst looking as if you're hard at it, this joky site will enable to work your way through some poetry, short stories and classics, heavily disguised as inofffensive Powerpoint presentations.



United Kingdom

Interesting UK site which provides mechanism for arranging to swap books you no longer want with other members of the site. 363087 books available on last visit.

Book Tribes


New UK site for readers, still a bit rudimentary but may develop into a useful resource.



A new means of international book exchange facilitated by the web. Participants create an inventory of what they have and a wish list of what they are looking for. Enables people from 130 countries to liberate books into the world, showing the strength of the urge to share. Let your books go - and they will find new homes...



Innovative online cataloguing site, which has already catalogued 17 million books. It lets you catalogue all the books you own and use tags to organize your own collection. Book world has called it: "one of the Seven Wonders of the Web"

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