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Wikipedia's 683 million visitors

30 June 2008

Wikipedia has long been a rather controversial reference source. The fact that it is open to anyone to edit the entries has always been regarded with suspicion by academics. Last year they launched Citizendium as a counterblast. This is intended to replace Wikipedia as the web's leading reference work and it is being directed by expert editors.  Read more

The end of the line for print encyclopedias?

12 May 2008

Are print encyclopedias dead? It rather looks as if they might be. The mighty German encyclopedia Brockhaus is about to put all its content online.  Read more

Reference in the Internet age

29 March 2004

There's been a sea change in the way that reference material is accessed. These days children are more at home finding information online than using books and everyone benefits from the speed and ease of access the Internet offers. This has brought about profound changes in the way reference publishers work and made it difficult to find a steady market for home reference.   Read more

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