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Ebooks 'completely changed my life'

26 February 2018

Hachette CEO Arnaud Nourry has courted controversy by declaring that the ebook ‘is a stupid product', countered by Chris Meadows in Teleread saying that ebooks are pretty much the same thing as print books and also that the ebook makes up one-fifth of publishers' sales (9 out of 10 self-publishers' sales).  Read more

What's the next challenge in the book business?

10 August 2015

A recent report from Enders Analysis has said that it would be a mistake to see the ebook revolution as the key disruption in the book trade. The authors of the report are much more concerned with the reduction in the time people spend on reading, due to time spent on mobile devices, which is eating into book reading time.  Read more

Apple loses, Amazon wins all

15 July 2013

The big story this week is the devastating news for Apple that it has lost its case. A federal judge in New York has ruled that Apple did collude with five big publishers to fix ebook prices.  Read more

James Oswald tops Kindle list

13 May 2013

This week's publishing sensation is James Oswald, Scottish farmer and writer, who has achieved his current success because of single-minded determination to publicise his work. Through his own efforts he reached the top of the Kindle bestseller lists in the UK and has used this self-publishing success to find a publisher.  Read more

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