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Book business

China publishes the most books

29 May 2017

Did you know that China publishes more books per year than the US? Or that it's in India that people devote the most time to reading books?  Read more

Audiobooks grab a young audience

11 July 2016

Not content with deciding they prefer print books to ebooks, young people are further confounding expectations by showing a growing enthusiasm for audiobooks.  Read more

Amazon and Hachette bury the hatchet

17 November 2014

It's a great relief to all parties that Hachette and Amazon have come to an amicable settlement after many months of wrangling in a dispute which has been very much in the public eye, even though it was never made public exactly what the argument was about.  Read more

28 million books published worldwide in 2013

27 October 2014

Some encouraging publishing-related figures have emerged this week. The number of books published worldwide in 2013 was an astounding 28 million, raising the question of whether there are enough readers - and buyers - for them all. In the US there were 390,000 ISBNs for self-published books and 300,000 for trade (general) books.  Read more

Paperbacks still have legs

8 September 2014

John Lewis of the Bookseller has argued strongly that the paperback edition is still a major factor in book sales and what's more that its position doesn't seem to be changing in the face of ebook sales nearly as much as had originally been assumed, now that things are settling down.  Read more

So what do editors want?

20 January 2014

As well as being the season for book industry leaders to forecast what kind of year they think we're going to have, it's also been a time when editors are looking into crystal balls. They're not coming up with many answers and most trends seem to be a continuation of what's already happening.  Read more

Apple loses, Amazon wins all

15 July 2013

The big story this week is the devastating news for Apple that it has lost its case. A federal judge in New York has ruled that Apple did collude with five big publishers to fix ebook prices.  Read more


1 April 2013

Discoverability seems to be the word on everyone's lips at the moment in the book business.  By this is meant how people find books and it's evident from recent research that bookshops play a very important part in this.  Read more

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