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Fleet joins run of new imprints

16 May 2016

A notable recent trend in publishing houses is to set up imprints for favoured editors and then, in theory at least, to give the editors free rein. Mostly they're quite commercial and give the editor the chance to concentrate on acquiring and editing a small list of books which will give them a better chance of publishing a few books which do extremely well.  Read more

Do publishing imprints matter?

2 March 2015

The excellent article by Philip Jones, editor of the Bookseller, in this week's Futurebook, is an interesting examination of imprints and their importance within the publishing business. But it does seem that most authors will be indifferent to the imprint and in a way they're right.  Read more

Flamingo grounded

2 February 2004

This week brought the announcement from HarperCollins UK that its Flamingo list is to be merged into Fourth Estate, with the loss of two jobs, including that of the highly-regarded publishing director, Philip Gwyn Jones.  Read more

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