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Michael Legat

Michael Legat 35 years in publishing, Editorial Director at Corgi Books, and Cassell; became full-time writer in 1978; author of 22 books, five novels, 17 non-fiction titles, co-author of 2 horror novels.
Written many magazine articles about writing and contributed to Encarta Encyclopedia

Writers' research | Factsheets

Writers' research

WritersServices Factsheet 4 by Michael Legat

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Research is an indispensable part of writing for most authors, and for many it is so enjoyable as to be a danger – don’t get so absorbed in research that you forget to write your story, or feature or book.  Read more

Spelling etc. | Factsheets

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

WritersServices Factsheet 6 by Michael Legat

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Spelling, punctuation and grammar are just as much tools of the writer’s trade as are paper and a pen or typewriter or pc.  Read more

Submissions | Factsheets


WritersServices Factsheet 5 by Michael Legat  Read more

First & last pages | Factsheets

The First Page and the Last Page

WritersServices Factsheet 8 by Michael Legat

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It is essential that the beginning of anything you write should make the reader want to go on reading.

If you are writing fiction, whether it is a short story or a novel, you should begin at or immediately before a moment of crisis.  Read more

Fame & riches | Factsheets

Shall I be Famous? Shall I be Rich?

WritersServices Factsheet 9 by Michael Legat  Read more

Qualities of a writer | Factsheets

The Qualities that Make a Write

WritersServices Factsheet 10 by Michael Legat  Read more

Articles & Non-Fiction | Factsheets

Articles, Non-fiction and the Market

WritersServices Factsheet 11 by Michael Legat  Read more

Techniques for novelists | Factsheets

Useful Techniques for the Writer

WritersServices Factsheet 13 by Michael Legat  Read more

Revising manuscripts | Factsheets


WritersServices Factsheet 14 by Michael Legat

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Professionals revise, amateurs all too often don’t.  Read more

Libel | Factsheets

Libel in the UK Courts

WritersServices Factsheet 15 by Michael Legat

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A writer can be accused of libel only if what is written can be considered to be damaging to the person concerned.

If the libel denigrates the person’s professional work, it will be more damaging.  Read more

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