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Carcanet open submissions window


Closing date: 
20 January 2023
Poets with full-length poetry manuscripts in English, or translation No entry fee
Publication by Carcanet Press

Independent UK press Carcanet is launching an open submissions window to find new poetry talent.

Carcanet has revealed the dates of its next submission window, which will open on 2 January 2023 and close on 20 January 2023.  Read more

'Poetry is for them'

3 October 2022

‘Poetry Prompts is my invitation to the nation, young and old, to become poets. We turn to poetry at weddings, funerals and births because it goes beyond mere words and translates the soul. But there is baggage associated with poetry that I want everyone to put down - to allow everyone to reclaim the birth right of poet.  Read more

The Pedant: how to make your editor happy 3: Bells and whistles? The use of bold, italics and capital letters in prose fiction

Bells and whistles? The use of bold, italics and capital letters in prose fiction

There are times when, no matter how well you write, you need typographical support to emphasise a point. English is a wonderfully flexible and suggestive language, but it can't do everything by itself, and replacing plain type with, for instance, italics, can really help the reader to understand what's happening in your story.  Read more

19 September 2022 - What's new

September 2022
  • ‘I do think the scope of what studios can do has really proved itself in modern live-action adaptations of fantasy novels. Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings were so huge in scope and delivery that people were able to imagine epic fantasy in live action as something that felt tangible.
  Read more