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The Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2020


Closing date: 
31 March 2020
Open to all poets across the world over the age of 16. Entry fee €14 per poem

If you have written a poem you think would appeal to 7-11-year olds, then why not enter the The Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2020? The prize is open to anyone over 16, and the poem can be on any subject.  Read more

'A golden thread of loyalty and friendship'

17 February 2020

Modern children have ‘a yearning for a world without screens. Yes it's rough and Torak and Renn go through some difficult times, but it's this amazing world where there's no climate change, lots of animals, no pollution. It doesn't matter what you look like. What matters is you don't make any noise when you're hunting...  Read more

'The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.'

10 February 2020 - What's new

February 2020
  • ‘Lots of aspiring writers ask me, "How do you write a book without offending people you love?" And you have to make a decision to be honest. I mean it's painful, but I want to write a book that is true to my moral core and that is true to my characters.
  Read more