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The Writer's Journey

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Do you have a wonderful idea for a book yet feel daunted by the prospect of approaching publishers with it?

Image of The Writer's Journey: How to Prepare Your Non-Fiction Writing for Professional Presentation to Agents and Publishers: From Inspiration to Publication


192 pages

The Writer’s Journey:From Inspiration to Publication

How to prepare your non-fiction writing for professional presentation to agents and publishers  

by Julia McCutchenJulia McCutchenis an author, conscious writing coach, intuitive mentor, and the founder & creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former publisher of books on spiritual and personal development, Julia teaches conscious creativity, conscious writing and a holistic approach to writing for publication that combines the inner journey of creative self-discovery with the practical steps required for writing and publishing books. She is the author of The Writer's Journey: from inspiration to publication and Conscious Writing (forthcoming 2014). For FREE Membership and resources for writers, visit www.iacc

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In today’s crowded and competitive marketplace, your best chance of finding a publisher for your book lies in knowing how to present your work to the right people in the right way.

The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication presents the inside information on what publishers and agents are looking for. This practical book outlines the steps you need to take to make sure your project stands out for all the right reasons and includes an exploration of how to:

  • get started, build up your writing practice and develop the qualities required to become a successful published author
  • increase your market awareness, identify your target reader and be creative with your ideas for sales, marketing and publicity
  • gain a sense of what agents and key members of the publishing team do and  be aware of how final decisions are made
  • write a first-class publishing proposal and learn how best to approach people
  • understand the essential components of the contract, the process to publication … and beyond

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Julia McCutchen works as a publishing consultant and creativity coach.  She specialises in all aspects of non-fiction writing, publishing, and creativity.





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