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Sending your ms

Editorial Services

Sending Material to us

We prefer to handle everything electronically. 

  1. It takes up less space
  2. Files are much cheaper to send
  3. It is much faster

Please always send your manuscript as one unzipped Word file, not broken up into chapters.

Please note that any illustrations should be sent as email attachments in jpeg or tiff format.

Sometimes you have to send your manuscript as a hard copy rather than as an attachment.

  1. You only have a paper copy
  2. You might not own a computer

Handling typescripts normally attracts a small additional charge - please contact us

If you only have a typescript we can help you get it typed so you have it as a computer file. Under no circumstances ever send the unique copy of any work or document.  

There are no exceptions to this rule. 

Always make a copy (which often looks better than the original).

How to contact us