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Editorial Services

Editorial Services

Our 20 services for writers

Services for self-publishers

A summary of services which may be of particular relevance to self-publishers.

Copy editing service

Get your manuscript meticulously copy-edited by our expert editors, correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar, and tidying up your manuscript ready for submission to agents or publishers, or to go to the printer.

Children's editorial services

A range of services from a specialist children's editor, including a Reader's Report, Editor's Report and Copy editing.

Editor’s Report  

This provides a longer and more substantial report on your work, with fuller editorial advice, including how to rework it if the editor thinks that is necessary. 

Editor's Report Plus

This top-level service requires our skilled freelance editor to take on the function of the old-style in-house editor, offering advice on structural editing and providing a report which gives chapter-by-chapter feedback on how to rework your manuscript.

Reader's Report

This short report offers an assessment of the content and style of your manuscript. We will advise on its potential and whether it would benefit from more editorial work.

Submission Critique Service

This service has been introduced by popular demand to provide professional advice on your submission package, including the lettter, synopsis or outline and sample chapters.

Manuscript Polishing Service

This service is intended to help writers who need their manuscript polishing as well as copy editing. The editor will go through the text carefully, amending it where necessary to correct the English, whilst at the same time copy editing it and making sure it is ready for publication or submission.

Translation editing service

This newly launched service is for non-native English-speaking writers who have has their work translated into English, or translated it themselves, but now need a special polishing and copy editing service to get their work up to standard for publication or submission.

Poetry Critique Service

Do you need an editor's input on your poetry and some help with working out what to do next? This new service provides a detailed assessment of the poetry you submit and some marketing suggestions.

Poetry Collection Editing

Do you want to get skilled editorial help to have your poetry collection prepared for self-publishing or submission to publishers?

Scriptwriting Assessment

Our specialist service offers a report on scripts, screenplays and plays, using the services of an expert editor with experience of scripts and a background in the professional theatre.

Proof-reading service

Our proof-reading service will check the proofs of your book before it is printed to correct any final errors and make sure that it is in perfect shape.  It may be of special interest to self-publishers.

PhD Editing service

Are you working to prepare your PhD for submission? Professional editing can help you improve the presentation of your work and iron out any grammar or spelling errors.

Rewriting service

This is a specialised service demanding considerable experience. Some manuscripts might need a complete rewrite before publication while others just need minor reworking. This highly skilled service is carried out by specialists who are in most cases also published writers.


This service was introduced by popular demand to help writers who are having difficulty producing a good synopsis of their manuscript for submission. Our skilled editor will read your work and do the job for you.

Blurb-writing service

Another new service introduced as a result of demand, this provides back cover or jacket flap copy for your book.

Contract Vetting

This service is for any writer who is not represented by an agent but wants a professional review of their publishing contract.  It offers expert advice on your contract, advising what is and is not acceptable from the author’s point of view.

Typing Manuscripts

This offers the services of a fast and accurate professional typist, who can type up manuscripts in handwritten or messy typewritten form, or from audio tapes, to give you a pristine typescript. The manuscript is delivered as an emailed file, or in printed form if you prefer at an extra cost.


Self-publishing is for any writer who wants to publish their own book. In recent years technology has made it much easier and cheaper to produce and sell your book using Print on Demand to reduce the initial cost. There has been an explosion in self-publishing. We provide a custom self-publishing service.

Private Publishing

This service uses Print on Demand technology to produce books for any writer who wants their book printed for private distribution. You decide whether you want a hardback or a paperback and you can opt for a small number of books if that's all you want.