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Editorial Services

Blurb-writing service

Are you ready to self-publish your book but can’t write the back cover or jacket copy? Are you worried that it might let you down because copy-writing is a particular skill and it can be especially hard when it’s your own book?  A good blurb is an essential part of selling your book, both in a bookshop and online.

Some writers find it really difficult to present their own work effectively, concisely and in a saleable manner. Perhaps this is something our professional editors and writers could help you with?

Our new service has been introduced by popular demand. For it to work effectively, the work in question will need to be in good shape and ready to be published, so we really only advise writers to consider this service when they are ready to go ahead with the publishing or self-publishing process.

The editor will need to read the complete manuscript in order to write the blurb and it would be helpful if writers could provide a brief and some indication of the length of copy they’re looking for.

On non-fiction manuscripts we have a higher charge to reflect the greater complexity of the material, but the service will work along the same lines.

The editor producing the blurb will be an experienced professional with many years of experience in editing and the writing skill to put together good copy for your work.

What it costs

The fee for the Blurb-writing service is calculated in relation to the length of the manuscript. In the case of this particular service the time it will take to write the blurb required may be greater than the reading time, which is why the fee is relatively high. This fee is payable in advance.

For fiction manuscripts up to 100,000 words in length the fee will be £170, for 100,000 to 150,000 words £190 and for 150,000 to 200,000 words £210.

On non fiction manuscripts we will have to assess the ms first, but please bear in mind that the fee will probably be higher than for fiction.

Fees are payable in advance.

Please send your manuscript as one unzipped Word file.

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